Partners’ representatives

This year, we asked 3 questions to our partners’ representatives:

  • Who is your favourite scientist?
  • What is your favourite scientific fact or discovery?
  • What is your largest accomplishment (not necessarily scientific)?

Kamil Wyszkowski

My favorite scientist: Leonardo Da Vinci for daring to being so open minded and therefore being ahead of his time

My favorite scientific fact: The Expanding Universe Theory

My greatest accomplishment/success: Joining United Nations 14 years ago

Łukasz Rey – Principal and Recruiting Director

My favourite scientist:  Michio Kaku

My favourite scientific fact: Planet Gliese 436b is in the same time both made of ice and… burning… I find it a fascinating symbol of breaking the conventional ways of thinking

My greatest accomplishment/success: Being able to live the life I love

Michał Owerczuk – Project Leader

My favourite scientist:  Sir Isaac Newton

My favourite scientific fact: The planet Saturn is so light it would actually float in water (if there was an ocean big enough)

My greatest accomplishment/success: Teaching my 1y3m daughter what sounds different animals make (including the lion) ☺

Michał Tykarski – Senior Associate

My favourite scientist: Richard Feynman

My favourite scientific fact: “The worst theoretical prediction in the history of Physics” – Measured Cosmological Constant differed by 100 orders of magnitude from the theoretical one

My greatest accomplishment/success: 3D printing vacuum components that kept ‘high vacuum’

Kinga Pławik – Associate

 My favourite scientist: Leonardo da Vinci

My favourite scientific fact: A shrimp’s heart is located in its head.

My greatest accomplishment/success: Managed to do three months’ worth of homework comprising of Old Church Slavonic translations, using a German dictionary. Did not go crazy.

Sonia Bartolik – Recruiting Coordinator

My favourite scientist is: Nikola Tesla

My favourite scientific fact or discovery is: in styrofoam there is 98% of air

My largest accomplishment (not necessarily scientific) is: climbing Machu Picchu

Paulina Skrzypek – Recruiting Coordinator

My favourite scientist is: Oliver Sacks

My favourite scientific fact or discovery is: dreams can help solve puzzles

My largest accomplishment (not necessarily scientific) is: graduating from the University of Edinburgh

Jarosław Oleszczuk

My favourite scientist: Linus Pauling for receiving two, almost three Nobel Prizes

My favourite scientific fact: human genome of 3 billion base pairs would fill 2000 books of 1000 pages each; a human would have to type 50 years for 8 hours every day to type the entire sequence; if you compare humans, only 2 books are different 1998 are the same

My greatest accomplishment/success: receiving the International Order of Smile, same award that was given to Pope John Paul II