What is SPP?

Science: Polish Perspectives is a popular science conference directed at young researchers, PhD students and undergraduates of Polish origin, conducting their research at universities and institutes outside of Poland. This year, it will be two days in Oxford, packed with amazing posters, talks and workshops on every scientific discipline, ranging from the limits of quantum interference to the question of ownership of mammoth’s DNA.


Because we believe in two things: that doing Science is also about its popularisation and that Polish scientists abroad need a sense of community. The myth of a dirty lab coat researcher is appealing, but the Conference is here to show the real, entertaining, and inspiring face of Science. As (most of us) are of Polish origin, we are also sharing the experience of doing research abroad. In an attempt to gather all those puzzle pieces from all over the World in a single place we invite you to Oxford – your piece will surely fit in!

Saying that SPP will change your life may sound like an exaggeration, but we have the data to back up our view: some of us chose a different career path, others started a succesfull scientific colaboration and some even met their spouses!

Join us at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford this Autumn!

If you are thinking of sharing your research with others, we would be delighted for you to talk about it, or present it on a poster. However, if you are more about hearing others, seeing what the original Science is all about, or just networking while having a few bagels – join us as a Participant!


 SPP2016 Keynote Speakers

Artur Chmielewski
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
CA, United States

Gosia Trynka
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Cambridge, UK

Mariusz Ratajczak
Univeristy of Louisville School of Medicine / James Graham Brown Cancer Center
KY, United States


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